Welcome to ‘GREAT LIVES ARE MADE’. I’m delighted you’ve landed here. My name is Keith Wells and I’m the founder and author. Let me tell you a little about what we do, and why.

The aim of ‘GREAT LIVES ARE MADE’ is to provide sources of inspiration, motivation and empowerment to help people to live life fully AND make a difference in the world. Hopefully, in time it will develop into a community where we can all contribute towards helping each other make our lives as ‘GREAT’ as possible. After all, no one person has all the answers.

‘GREAT LIVES’  refers to people’s physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and relational well being and as such it has links to every sphere of life: the work place and the home, finances and leisure interests, health and fitness, recreation and learning, friendships, family, career development and personal growth. And no doubt more besides.

‘ARE MADE’ underlines the fact that the numerous personal decisions, choices and actions we make on a daily basis can add to or detract from the quality of our lives. 

One of the reasons I’ve decided to publish ‘GREAT LIVES ARE MADE’ now is because many of the thousands of people I’ve taught over the last fifty years encouraged me to do so. In some wonderfully serendipitous yet humbling moments, people who were in my classes in the 1960’s & 70’s (yep, the 1960’s & 70’s!) as well as those I teach and coach now, and those I’ve walked alongside in between, have told me similar things: that I should reach a wider audience with what they call the ‘life changing teaching’ they’ve experienced.

I can say this without embarrassment because I stand on the shoulders of giants. All I do is add my own experiences and thinking to the teachings of so many thought leaders throughout the ages, to whom I will always be grateful. And I’m grateful, too, to the numerous students who have taught me so much in so many ways and from whom I continue to learn.

For those who are interested, I’ll give you a little background about myself; for those who are not, time to to explore the site more. I hope you enjoy your visit and will return many times more.

Still here? Okay, a little about me.

I was born and brought up in Liverpool, England and I’ve been involved in education all my adult life. I’ve been happily married since 1972 and I have two adult daughters.

Until 2003, when I decided to leave salaried employment to set up a personal development company, my primary occupation had always been teaching in state schools. Alongside teaching, however, I’ve been active in many other spheres, at various times being a businessman, overseas development worker, pastor, counsellor, youth worker, high school principal, community volunteer, professional speaker and personal development trainer, usually occupying several of these roles simultaneously.

I’ve had the tremendous privilege of helping thousands of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life to appreciate and value themselves and others and of watching them take responsibility for their own personal growth and to contribute to the growth of others, too as well as witnessing them defeat their fears, overcome their anxieties, deal with overwhelm and live balanced, productive lives. 

I’ve also been inspired by how many people have started living more purposefully and happily as a result, they say, of applying the teachings I now want to share with you and others online .

It’s been humbling, if I’m frank, to witness individuals I’ve had the pleasure of walking alongside for a while start businesses, find employment, pass examinations, achieve a sense of well being, restore and enjoy relationships, conquer addictions and discover or rediscover what it’s like to take responsibility for making their lives great.

I don’t say this to boast, because I can’t change anybody. And I’ve already said I’ve learned from others, the way we all do. People change themselves. As Jim Rohn once said, you can’t pay someone else to do your push-ups. I refer to results simply because the principles and practices and strategies I want to share with you have transformed so many people’s lives already that I want you to feel encouraged they could change yours, too.

Like most people walking the planet today, I’ve also experienced challenges in my own life and through these I’ve learned first hand how to have a mindset of abundance and well being; one in which I live meaningfully, achieve much and still have fun without destroying my health or my relationships.

All I want to do now is to use my understanding, any abilities I may possess and my varied experiences to encourage others to be involved in this wonderful adventure of living purposefully; to support and challenge as many people as possible to “make their lives great”.

I hope you enjoy what’s on offer and that it makes a difference to you, your loved ones and your sphere of influence.

I’d really value any contributions you care to make.

Very best wishes,




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