How to get into a resourceful state quickly and easily.

This simple NLP technique helps you be in the state you want, when you want. No wonder it’s called the Circle of Excellence.

Read it all the way through before trying it. (And of course, the more you practise the easier you will be able to enter those states you desire.)

Remember, as always, the importance of taking responsibility for your own well being. And it’s worth noting, too, that sometimes it helps to work with some as you undertake the exercises.

  1. Identify the resourceful state you want. (e.g. confidence, energised etc)

  2. Imagine a circle on the floor. Give it a colour. The coloured circle now represents your resourceful state.

  3. Recall an occasion when you have been in this state before. How were you feeling? What were you doing? What did you see? What did you hear?  Really identify with that experience, as if it was happening again now. If you really can’t recall one that’s ok. Just imagine, with as much feeling and intensity as possible, how you would think, act feel, see and do if you were in the state you want to be in.

  4. Take a deep breath and step into the circle whilst still reliving or imagining the state. Intensify the experience as much as possible using all the senses.

  5. Step out of the circle immediately you begin to feel your experience fading or dropping in intensity.

  6. Break state (i.e.look around you or say a nursery rhyme or count from ten backwards etc.).

  7. Repeat what you’ve done at least twice more, breaking state after each time.

  8. Choose a key word or phrase related to your state (e.g.  ‘yes!’, ‘confidence’, ‘peace’ ‘go for it!’, ‘I can do this!’, ‘relax’ etc).

  9. Complete steps 3-6 above and this time say your key word as you step into circle.

  10. Repeat at least 3 times.

  11. Choose a physical gesture (e.g. squeeze your hand, touch your thigh, make a circle by touching a finger and thumb).

  12. Step into your circle again, reliving the state you want, saying your word and making your gesture.

  13. Repeat at least 3 more times.

  14. Think of a time in the future when you want to be in this state and step into the circle as above. With practice, you should immediately experience the state you want. If it is only a faint experience, repeat the exercise a few more times and retest.

  15. When you are happy you can recreate the state any time you want, you can ‘carry your circle’ around with you and step into it any time you feel the need or desire.

  16. Have fun!



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