Allan Richards, Project Manager

From the very start I felt totally at ease in Keith’s company and was able to speak openly about my problems.  Keith is always willing to offer assistance and listen to any problems and conducts himself with the highest integrity.  

 During our sessions Keith employed a wide range of methods and activities to help me to understand how the mind works, at times with an astounding impact.  Keith was always able to communicate his message in a way that was compatible with my understanding.  The combination of explanation and practical activities helped me a great deal.

 Over the time with Keith I was able to gain an understanding on how the mind works and its relation to the body.  I was able to better understand my own body and react proactively to different situations.  Through the work undertaken with Keith I was able to recognise different states and gain control over my body.  The results have been amazing, to the extent that it has enabled me to bring my health problems under control and start to live my life again.

 It has been a pleasure and joy to have been able to meet Keith and he has opened my mind to a whole new concept.


Maria Sharratt, High School Head Teacher

Keith Wells has proven to be an inspiring member of the team and we have worked together in areas such as Motivational Projects, Raising Attainment Projects, Intensive Spanish Residentials and Behaviour Modification Programmes..  He has motivated, coached, altered ethos, effected change and above all, has lived out that which he teaches others. He has had a far reaching effect on our school.” 


Pastor Joseph Pantaleo, Tanzania

Mr Keith Wells has worked with our leaders, our teachers, our children and members of our community for several years now. Our people will never be the same. Keith has not only changed lives within our school and church but he has changed the whole community. He has brought hope where there wasn’t any and given people dreams for the future. The way Keith has taught us all is like nothing we have ever experienced before. We are changed because of him and our children and our children’s children will never be the same.

As a father, the way I bring up my own children as a result of Keith’s teaching has changed and my relationships are better with my sons. He has helped my wife overcome her fear of rats which is helpful because there are many rats where we live. He has taught me many things I did not think would be possible.

Keith has helped some of my people to start their own business or given them opportunity to work in our school. He has inspired us to achieve more in three years than we expected to in twenty five years. He has helped raise money to build our school and has worked alongside us to make it happen. He is a man of God who is special to everyone in our village and he will never be forgotten.


Michael Monaghan, University Leadership & Development Adviser

I met Keith Wells when I was fifteen during a high school gifted and talented initiative where he was giving talks and delivering interactive workshops to help raise our aspirations. Keith’s sessions were brilliant: very informative, extremely practical and challenged our thinking and perceptions. Looking back at what was such a pivotal and impressionable point in in my life, I feel so lucky to have met Keith. Fifteen years on and those two sessions are still having an impact on my life in terms of both my professional and personal development. Keith gave us practical techniques to help raise our confidence, help us focus, relieve stress and to self-motivate. He used tasks, activities and discussion to generate critical thinking, improve our self-awareness and most importantly encourage reflective development planning. Keith positively altered my way of thinking through a style and structure which empowered me as a learner and participant. The effect Keith had on me was that transformative I developed a passion for personal and professional development, which inspired the career of learning and development I currently work in, within the higher education sector.

One of my responsibilities is to organise Leadership Seminars; I knew Keith would be perfect to deliver one of these for our staff. Keith Wells’ Motivation Seminar was our highest rated staff development activity during the 2015/16 year. Participants commented on the perfect balance of theoretical information and practical activities, how interactive and engaging it was and how Keith’s informal but professional style put them at complete ease. Based on the success of this session we asked Keith to facilitate more for us as I knew he has a wealth of experience and knowledge which could benefit our staff in a number of areas. Subsequently he delivered an NLP session which was really well received and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Keith is a great person, he’s friendly, funny and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to development. He is a personal role model of mine, who I am extremely thankful to have met; as are the staff I work with who benefit from learning the techniques and lessons Keith shared with me many years ago.

I fully endorse the work Keith does.


Sue Weaver, graduate of a KWA personal development course

Thank you is not nearly enough to say how life changing meeting you has been. This experience has changed my life and I am now starting to live and enjoy it.


Ian Watts, Occupational Therapist

Mr. Wells’ abilities to encourage and motivate are of the highest level. His positive, non-judgmental manner towards others is enlightening and for me personally, life changing. Whenever I need to overcome a challenge I ask myself what Keith might do in my circumstances.


Bernadette Cox, Trainer

Keith has a no-nonsense approach to the delivery of Neuro Linguistic Programming which allows people at all levels, from business people to children, to enjoy learning this fascinating subject in a relaxed, friendly and safe environment.


Loretta Roberts, Behavioural Support Manager

I have worked with Keith Wells for several years and he has taught me that “nothing is impossible”. In a short space of time Keith guided me to reach my goals both personal and professional. For example:

  • I lost 3 stone in 14 weeks, gained confidence and felt alive.
  • I had a dream of climbing a mountain since I was young but it was not until I went to university that I thought it would be amazing to climb Kilimanjaro! After working with Keith, and after months of training, I succeeded. This was the most awesome experience of my life …. nothing is impossible!!!
  • What you get to know as you work with Keith is that  things tend to have a domino effect and during this time we also raised money and collected resources, both  ourselves and within the school that I work, for a school in Tanzania. I have been privileged to continue to work with Keith on this project. He is inspirational and has vision which he passes on to others. For example, Keith organized a team of volunteers (which included me) to return to Tanzania and to actually build the school as well as installing water for the local community. He has a magical way of improving people’s lives and is very modest claiming only to walk along side of people as their guide.
  • Keith guided me and gave me the belief in myself to succeed and go after what I wanted.  For example, I was successful in gaining a promotion in a profession in which I know I can make a difference.

The skills Keith has taught me have made a significant difference to all aspects of my life and now my frame of mind is constantly positive and always looking to the future.


Jeanette Chandler, High School Year Head and Progress Manager

Keith has changed attitudes and enhanced self belief amongst our students. One young man, who had previously told me that ‘Keith Wells has changed my life’, had a target grade of D for English and his moderated course work was graded A! All the students really enjoyed the experience.


Phil Gorman, Teacher

Keith is the type of person who makes everyone feel special and important. I have witnessed him inspire sixth form students to believe in their own ability and make the most of it. On a personal level he has offered me many opportunities I never thought I would have.


Simon Robinson, Managing Director 

Thank you for coming to my office and presenting a truly mesmerising talk to my staff and myself.

The talk itself and the exercises we carried out helped us all understand the power of the mind. Everyone still talks about it.


Martina McGuigan, Acting Partnership Manager, Education Business Partnership

Keith has worked with the team at the Education Business Partnership over many years.  He has supported the team in developing confidence, self awareness and presentation skills and the results have been evident both to individual’s personal development and the objectives of the business. He is able to put people at ease and draw the very best out of them and is the perfect positive example of the phrase …. ‘People don’t care what you know, until they know you care’    He is passionate, enthusiastic and makes learning new techniques and skills easy and fun.

Feedback from all the staff has been extremely positive and all the staff would recommend him to other colleagues. Keith has a special gift and you cannot fail to be influenced and encouraged by him.


Marco Mtui, Managing Director, Tanzania

I would like to express my gratitude to  you for the training you did at our office ( Borderless Tours and Safaris Ltd)

It helped us to discover ourselves and to know what we are doing and the potential we have and that we can make changes.

Thank you very much it was great training and we are looking for your next visit.


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Keith has coached me for the past 15 years in varying areas I've struggled with (preparing for job interviews, presenting to large groups and stress). Words cannot explain the massive influence Keith has had on myself and many I know.